Day 2: What does it mean to live truly happy in this world and how we can I get there?

happinessIn my writing yesterday I was using the word “happiness” quite a bit and I want to pick up on this today because the pursuit of happiness, in one form or another, is what I think keeps me moving, one way or another. Formerly, I pursued happiness through a variety of means like watching TV, playing games, using drugs, indulging in sexual activities, partying, or engaging in many other kinds of so-called “fun”-activities. Nowadays, in my pursuit of happiness I am engaging more in activities like reading, listening to music, meditation, the search for enlightenment, appreciating the beauty of nature, deep and meaningful discussions, and even attempting to be part of saving this world through “meaningful” activities. But after all, I have to admit that the major driving force behind all of this is my desire for a happier life and a happier world. I believe we all have this desire although our individual expressions of how we approach a happier life differ. In my opinion even the introduction of an Equal Money System or writing the Journey to Life blogs is intended with the pursuit of happiness in mind. Don’t we want to solve the problems of this world in order to make this planet a better place to live? Don’t we as individuals attempt to become more self-honest through writing and self-reflection so that we can become “better” or happier people that make a difference in this world “for the best of all”, so that we all can live happier lives? It looks to me like this pursuit of happiness is an inherent driving force in all life forms. It is a major driving force than cannot be abolished or put aside. And there is nothing wrong in this. What is wrong is when our pursuit of happiness leaves out others. Problems arise when in our pursuit of happiness we put our blinders on and disregard the results of our pursuit and the effects our actions have on others. Things go wrong when we look away from the suffering we cause for others so that we can continue our path without having to bother. Worse even when we accept the suffering of others as a necessary step to reach our own goals. Don’t we all too often just look away from the consequences of our actions and have only our own well-being in mind? We don’t want to look at this because that would most likely put us on a different path. A path that we don’t know much about because we have never learned to walk it. And thus we come up with easy excuses like “this is just how the world works” or “there is nothing I can do” and “it is not my fault”.

But when we look at the global effects this pursuit of happiness has caused in this world, we see environmental destruction, economic enslavement, poverty, depression and mostly unhappy people especially in the western societies where most of us struggle with a meaningless life. And I am certainly no exception. I find my life pretty meaningless (which is an issue I will explore a bit later in more detail), the state of affairs is almost unbearable for me, and thus feel a desperate need for change. And this need for change is based on the ideas that such change will ultimately result in a happier life for me, so that I can enjoy my existence here on earth better. So there is a conflict here: we look for happiness and in our pursuit of it we are turning  the world into a hell hole (rather than into a paradise) out of which we want to escape by all means in order to live happier. A closed circle that keeps us in a loop that will likely end in total disaster, if we are not able to break the chain. But how can we possibly do that?

One thing I realized is that we can’t do it through pursuit of our own egotistical goals for happiness. We are embedded in a physical, mental, and social environment that includes all of life and of which are an integral part. If we leave out everyone (or even anyone) else from our considerations and pursue only our own ends without considering the effects on everyone/anyone else, we will just produce a gap of separation between us and “them”. Such a gap of separation can now be seen to exist everywhere in this world. There is gap of separation between me and the environment, a gap between the rich and the poor, a gap between you and me (my goals and opinions vs. your goals and opinions), and a gap even between our bodies, minds and hearts. And this gap is exactly what the rulers of this world need to have in place because it serves their ends very well. “Divide and conquer” is their rule. The more separated and divided people are, the wider the gap between the rich and the poor, the easier to control the population is and the easier it becomes to widen this gap even further. And this is what is happening. We instigate conflict among nations so that they fight each other, we sow mistrust among neighbors and let them buy weapons to defend themselves, we want to get ahead of the game in business and use our elbows to get to the top before anyone else does, and we dumb down our young so that they “don’t get it” and can be easily enslaved through college grants and minimum wages so that they just stay put and accept this rat race without ever questioning it. And thus we find us in an depressing situation beyond any hope for positive change. We give up and resignate. And this exactly how and what the controlling elite wants. Because from that separated and hopeless state there is very little chance that we ever find a way out. Thus the controllers can remain in power without having anything to fear.

What we actually thus do as humanity is emanating a very low vibration of hopelessness and separation into the human morphogenetic and earth fields. And these fields are shaping the physical consensus reality we in turn experience (listen to Rupert Sheldrake for more information about fields). We see this manifesting as poverty, pollution, environmental destruction, extinction of species, strife and struggle, all causing more and more separation. Separation is the main problem in this world. Separation between our minds and our bodies. Separation between our ego and our hearts. Separation between the rich and the poor. Separation between us and them. Separation between you and me. We all seem to have our own agendas how to fix this state and at the very least we simply look away from the reality surrounding us in our pursuit of happiness. Since we feel we can’t do much if anything to change this condition, we chase our own little version of happiness in order for a little bit of fulfillment and some meaning in our lives. And we wonder why we cannot really achieve this without ever realizing that we chase illusion after illusion.

The masses of poor and unhappy people contribute (unwillingly) largely to the worlds condition through their emanation into the field. Everything we do as humanity falls back on us collectively. We have to realize that we have seven billion people on this earth, each one of which contributes to the field. We are not alone here. And this means that we cannot get out of this alone either. The field will pull us back, so to speak, and hold us in its grip. We are all together in this. Not that the elite would care (it is just the opposite), but as long as one suffers, all suffer. As long as one cannot be happy, nobody can be happy. This is what we fail to see. We need to alleviate the pain and suffering of all so that more people can get out of their suffering. We need to understand that this conditions is perpetuated on purpose by the controllers because it benefits them. They can exploit the masses only when the masses are suffering and are unaware of any possible way out of their suffering. But how can you become aware if you suffer and struggle for survival? This difficult, if not impossible. Therefore, the Equal Money System is the only useful way forward. An Equal Money System can bring the masses out of suffering. Thus they can became happier and emanate this happier state back into the field where it will in turn feed back to everyone else.

So there is indeed a very large need to raise the vibration of all people on this earth and not only our own. But if we continue working only for our own well being, we will continue making things just worse. We need to carry along all the other souls who have no choice at this point. This is our task. If we don’t stand up for this, all we do is supporting our ego and our selfish desires and thus perpetuate the problem. This will not work to bring about any positive change. We are all in this together. Nobody can be left behind. We need to care for each other and the state of the world, one by one, day by day, step by step.

There are two blog posts that I came across today that pick up on this and thus I want to mention them here:

But why didn’t we ever turn the tables to realize that unless everyone is happy as in having all the necessary means to live, then I cannot be happy either?


At a personal level, I am not doing this because I am  expecting to be readily benefited by establishing a new system, If I do, then  that would be a ‘gift,’ but it’s not my aim or goal, it is instead an  understanding of the responsibility we hold toward one another and this  world-system as our creation, nothing more and nothing less. This is thus a  process we decide to walk as a matter of principle, because we see it makes  sense to establish Equality as the foundation of our way of living and  interacting with one another, because we see the potential of world change if we  all get to the same agreement. And this is thus at the stage we’re at.

  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to focus in an egotistical way on the pursuit of my own happiness without realizing that I cannot achieve this without bringing about happiness for all at the same time.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to focus on ways through which I could perhaps live a happier live without realizing that the only way to actually achieve this goal is through focusing on the happiness of others.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to pursue irrelevant means like finding a more meaningful job, a fulfilling partnership, and a nicer place to live in order to live a happier and more fulfilling life while even realizing that this is not at all working.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to realize that I am on the wrong path and not finding the strength to accept and change this.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to continue doing what I feel is not serving me or anyone because I am afraid of change.
  • I commit myself to stop looking for ways to better my personal situation without considering how I could possibly help others in my sphere of influence to better their condition at the same time (win-win situation).
  • I commit myself to consider relocating, changing jobs, and entering new personal relationships not simply for personal reasons anymore but only if there is any apparent benefit for those involved and the greater good for all in such action as well.
  • I commit myself to stop worrying about my condition first and foremost and instead look out for ways to improve the lives of others.
  • I commit myself to introduce more meaning into my classroom teaching and also develop means by which I can perhaps teach those students who want to listen outside of formal classes in order to help them better their condition.
  • I commit myself to raise awareness in others about how they could also work towards the greater good for all through self-reflective writing and studying the Equal Money System.
  • I commit myself to not waste my summer months to go sailing or do other kinds of meaningless activities that help no one.
  • I commit myself to further explore ways in which I can help others to become more aware of what they can do in order to bring about change in this world for the greater good of all.

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