Mission Statement

I have understood that each one and everyone of us currently in this and all previous lifetimes faces karmic consequences in their lives and nothing else. We all find ourselves in situations that are karmically caused by our actions in the past, based on who we decided to be. This includes the  personal fears and anxieties we accepted and allowed to feel, the relationships with others and our environment and the role we pursued in them, our self-selected psychological makeup, our financial status, physical condition, and everything that we currently face in this world, including government control and ecological destruction. All of it has been caused by us in the past and we what now experience, all of us individually and collectively, are simply the the results of these past actions as the current manifestations in this world an in our lives.

This realization has not come about lightly, but it has come about.

I have understood that I am not who I am because that simply is my nature, or my inherent psychological setup and how I was born, or the biological programs stored in my DNA, my Human Design, or any other cause that lies outside of myself or is written in stone somewhere. I am who I am because I decided it to be so. And therefore I am the only one who can change it. And this change can and will only happen through my physical actions in this physical world.

I have understood that the basis for such (and any) action and behavior that determines who I am in this world is rooted in the non-physical world. It is rooted in my beliefs, in my intentions, in my cultural programming, in my wishes and in my fears, and all the rest of it. Most, if not all, of this is and has been based purely on self-interest. And this self-interest is the result of the separation of myself as an individual from the human collective. We all have separated us for centuries and millennia so far from this collective that we have lost touch with it. And we also have lost touch with the life support system called earth on which we fully depend. And thus, as we destroy this life support system, based on our self-interest, without understanding that we destroy ourselves together with it, we need to change in order to survive. And with us, the planet will also survive. Whether it will survive without us I don’t know and that is not the question. But we cannot survive without the planet. That is clear and fully understood. Therefore, any and all action that further separates me from the collective will be fatal. And in the same way will any and all actions that do not honor life fully and consider what is best for all live have the same fatal effect on me myself and this world and all its inhabitants, plants and animals included.

The only way to avoid total destruction of ourselves and the earth therefore lies in stopping our self interest now from this moment on, no matter what, and only concern ourselves with what is best for all life. This is a necessary and sufficient step as we are all part of this environment called earth and as such depend on all life to live ourselves.

My mission is therefore clear. Is is to find out who I have accepted and allowed myself to be, understand the mechanisms that I have employed to become who I decided to be, examine and understand all the mechanisms that I have employed to protect and hold on to this picture of myself, and last but not least, and most importantly, decide how I am going to change those aspects of myself into new BE-HAV-I-OR-S that reflect who I consciously decide to be now. There is no becoming “a new person” as such. There is only action based on a decision we have to make that determines who we are in each moment. For that, we will have to take full responsibility and will face all the consequences – and this is also what we are already doing.

The steps that I commit myself to carry out in order to further the process of becoming who I decide to be include the following:

  1. Investigating the way my mind works and achieving a better understanding as to how I let my mind exert control over myself, thus enabling me to stop mind processes that are not in line with my mission in support of all life.
  2. Developing my intuition and an inner guidance system that is not prone to attack and overtake by the mind, its beliefs, and illusions.
  3. Considering in all my actions what is best for all life and carrying them out against all odds.
  4. Staying away from actions that are not supporting all life.
  5. Taking full responsibility for all aspects that show up in my life as I understand that I myself have fully created them karmically to resolve them now.
  6. Not accusing anyone or anything for what happens in my life, either good or bad.
  7. Speaking out openly about this understanding that I have on any and all platforms on the internet, in my personal environment, and on all other occasions.
  8. Taking care of a piece or land and the plants and animals on it and turn it back into a paradise that supports all life on it and around it.

Version 1, developed and published first on Jan. 4, 2021

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