Day 82: Mission Statement and Plan of Action

My MissionAfter having had this deep revelation about my self-deception yesterday, I found that the commitments I had made on Day 81 are not specific enough for me to guide me through the day. This is particularly a problem in a situation in which I live alone with no people to connect with, as in my current situation. So what I need is a plan for the day that is in line with the commitments I have made and also in line with what is best for all. So this daily plan cant be to strict as it needs to allow responding to unpredicted events of importance to the overall mission. But it needs to be there for guidance in idle times, which happen quite often during these cold winter days when working in the garden is not possible yet.

  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become idle during large periods throughout the day.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to justify myself being idle by using certain argumentations that will only bring me back into my habitual behaviors instead of keeping me focused on my mission.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to stop my process by making some useful commitments (see day 81) without specifying a number of important steps on how to achieve these commitments through action in my daily life.
  • I commit myself to work out a mission statement for myself that is in line with the commitments I have made on day 81.
  • I commit myself to work out a plan of action, listing 5-10 actions that I will carry in order to achieve my mission and fulfill the commitments I have made.
  • I commit myself to publishing my mission statement on my Journey-to-Life blog-site at
  • I commit myself, for the time being, to return to writing in english as this suits me more and because it might actually reach more people than my writing in German.
  • I commit myself to translating my own journey-to-life blogs as well as several from the Desteni site into German and publish the translations on my site in order to bring more awareness of the Desteni materials to the german-speaking community.


  1. Cool structure! Did you use any other references besides the Desteni material?

    • Mike, for this post I was not using anything else besides what was coming up in my mind. However, quite generally, I do study other materials as well. It is a complex world (in our heads) and some ideas just seem to take root in my mind. So I do sometimes get pointers from materials outside Desteni as well. But usually it brings me back to myself through Desteni again.

      Are you asking for some specific materials that I use? Would you suggest to list them in my blogs, where appropriate?

      Thanks for your comments!

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